Thursday, July 26, 2012

So many athrx.sys BSOD's!

Whew, can't catch a break with these lately! I've solved a TON of athrx.sys (Atheros network adapter driver) related BSOD's lately. Most if not all of them are entirely straight forward and all that is required is an update of the cable AND wireless drivers which can be downloaded from here in case any readers are wondering:

What's funny is, a real life friend actually messaged me on Skype and told me he was having BSOD's, so I had him send the dumps over. Sure enough, every dump is a D1 pointing right to athrx.sys, I couldn't believe it! Sure enough again, a simple update of the drivers solved everything.

Not sure what's up with these network drivers recently, Atheros specific of course, but remember to keep them updated!

Here's an Atheros thread for example that I am more than sure is solved as the user reported verifier is no longer flagging athrx.sys and the system is working fine.


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