Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Microsoft Answers Community Star: Content Creator

I woke up today (it's funny to see that most of my posts start out like that) to see that I had received the Content Creator badge on MS Answers:

Community Star: The Content Creator badge Description: Community Star badge
Each time one of your question and answer posts is marked as helpful or as an answer, you get a vote toward your Content Creator badge. When you have a high enough percentage of posts marked as "helpful" or "answers," you'll get your badge.
Benefits of being a Content Creator:
  • Your profile will be featured in the Top Contributors rotator
  • You'll be awarded space for 5 additional links in your profile
  • A Content Creator badge is added to your profile
This is an ongoing, dynamic process. Note that this badge can be lost if enough of your posts are not voted as helpful or marked as answers.
I am beyond honored to receive such a badge. I do what I do because I love helping people, and to be awarded for it is a warm and fuzzy feeling.