Tuesday, September 10, 2013

100 blog posts! (well, 101 now that I've noticed) and some extras..

I just noticed I have hit 100 blog posts, making this #101. I've been getting emails about my blog being found through Google and then ultimately people requiring assistance. This is just wonderful! I am truly in awe that my blog and the information I funnel through it can be helpful, because that's my exact intention. It's what I always hoped for and more!

In other news, I have hit 100+ 'Most helpful replies' on Answers, and earned a new badge!

The Guardian badge Description: Guardian Badge

Every time you report legitimate abuse in the community, you get a vote toward your Guardian badge. When you have reported enough actual cases of abuse and accurately pointed out the type of abuse, you'll get your badge. Reporting content that is not actual abuse will not get you votes.
Benefits of being a Guardian:
  • A Guardian badge will be added to your profile
  • Content the Guardian reports as abusive is automatically hidden until moderated.
This is an ongoing, dynamic process. Note that this badge can be lost if you don't accurately report enough actual cases of abuse.

 Onward and upward :+)

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