Wednesday, July 10, 2013

[SOLVED] posts more info

So the other day I was sitting down in classes and figured it'd be a good idea to post any threads I happen to solve / participate in solving in on any forum or online community I am on. That way, if someone was viewing my blog and had an issue in regards to a specific bugcheck, they could possibly go through the labels on my blog for their bugcheck in question and see if they have anything that relates to the solved thread.

I started funneling my solved threads here onto my blog, however, I didn't like how it looked so small and simple. Sure, it's still a good idea (I think), however, I wanted more info on it. Well, during class (it seems I get most of my ideas in a scenario in which I should be paying attention) I got the idea to also add what the issue was in each solved blog post I have posted, and all future solved posts.

Well, that's what I did! : )